Our Mission:
Is to be able to help and provide cash assistance to all government employees, at the time
when its needed, with out any big obligations or  trouble at all, and everybody is approved.

How It Works:
Cash Now Xpress provides cash loans to all Government employees. We provide anywhere
from $100.00 up to $3,000.00 instantly. All loans are based on the salary amount of the one
who wants the loan. The process of the loan is fairly simple, its a 1, 2, 3, step process, and
the approval for the amount is done in under 5 minutes.

~ 1. Come in to one of the locations, get the form, call us, or go online & download it.

~ 2. Fill the form out, and get it verified, then bring it in to one of our locations.

~ 3. Pick up you cash. Its as simple as that.

Cash Now also does loans on purchases with vendors such as, Furniture stores, Jewelry
stores, Etc.

Please call anytime during office hours or email 24 hours a day for more information, we
will respond usually with in 24 hours.
Cash Now Xpress Ltd. ~ Salary Deduction Loans
Salary Deduction Loans
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